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At Diggin’ Livin’ we manufacture frames the good ole-fashioned way. Like our hive bodies, we only make one size, 6 1/4”. We use high-quality Ponderosa pine frames from the Northwest. Our frames are built with wedge-bar top bars measuring a full ¾” thick, 3/8” thick end bars, and ½” thick bottom bars. These are assembled and wired in our shop, before we add 100% pure beeswax foundation, embedded on the wires with heat and pressure. Unlike plastic foundation, bees won’t hesitate to draw out fine comb on these frames in a hurry. Our frames are constructed with heavy-gauge fasteners (1 1/2” long, wide-crown staples for the top bar, and two 1” narrow-crown staples for each end of the bottom bar, as well as one for fastening end bars to the top bar for superior strength).